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  1. Atix

    Hello, I'm somewhat new!

    Heya everyone, I decided to join this website after stumbling upon it a few days ago, since I figured RP could be fun within the FFXIV setting. I only really started playing it around the summer of last year and MMORPGs in general. I did tried some many years back, but I usually didn't stick around for longer than a month due to not having friends to play it with and the subscription model, which is different now. Having people to play it with and a steady income on my own really helped getting me hooked, for things such as the lore as well! So even though I have a fairly decently progressed character on Behemoth, I decided to make one on Omega too for both RP and to hang out in a place which is very active around more sane times for someone who is from Europe. I also took that opportunity to give my existing character an overhaul, such as a name with the fitting naming scheme for a Miqo'te, birth date, etc so he's more fleshed out. I'm by no means more than a casual player, both on the game front and RP too, but since I've grown much more interested in the lore and all it felt like a fitting thing to do! So yeah, I'm looking forward to meeting you!