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  1. Nicksy

    New RPer - Where to find people?

    I have another question, if that's fine. Is there a list with european-ish times? Sadly a lot of those events are too late for me..
  2. Nicksy

    New RPer - Where to find people?

    Thanks for your suggestion! Sorry if it's a dumb question to ask ,but how do I visit those places? Do I need to do a quest?
  3. Nicksy

    New RPer - Where to find people?

    Hi! Thank you for your quick response. Is there any free company/linkshell you could recommend? I'm fairly new to FFXIV RP, so I'm not 100% sure what theme would fit my characters the best. Is there some kind of FC or linkshell for just general RP? Thank you!
  4. Hey there! I'm pretty new to RP on FFXIV and have been struggling to find people to engage with. I'm not really sure how and where to go to engage in RP (I've rped on many other MMO's but haven't done so yet on FFXIV). I've seen the Quicksand, but there's too many AFKers and OOC people there for me to really feel.. immersed and 'safe' (it feels weird, being 'watched' like that). So! Where is it I can go to find people to roleplay with? Is there an area I'm not aware of? Edit: I'm on Balmung! Thank you!