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    Howdy, all! I'm Nost, and after taking a break from RP and doing a little server-hopping, I've decided to try my hand again on Mateus! While Winter Owl on Cactuar is my all-around main (any Cactuar RPers, feel free to say hi!), I decided to revive my very first character, Kyndmynd Swyrwyrstsyn, on an RP server to see what I could get up to. In terms of experience, I've done some in-game RP both in FFXIV and GW2, though mostly with people I already know. I've never had much luck in the way of roleplay guilds. Apart from that, most of my RP experience comes from one on one play-by-post RPs. And now, my kids: Winter Owl [Cactuar] A Hellsguard Roegadyn of about 27 years, Winter is, beyond anything else, an absolute workhorse; if there's a job to do, she will, without any hesitation, get it done in as fast and efficient of a manner as possible. No job is too great or small, too dangerous or dirty, for Winter to do her level best to complete. In fact, working seems to be the only thing anyone has seen this woman doing; few have ever witnessed her taking a break to eat or sleep. Between her unfailing work ethic and the fact that she is, to quote one who attempted to carry a conversation with her, "the most painfully stoic person I think I've ever met," there are those who wonder whether she's actually a person at all and not some sort of mind-bendingly advanced automaton. How she came to be this way, like much of her life before the Calamity, is a mystery, and whether she can learn to open herself to the world at large remains to be seen... Kyndmynd Swyrwyrstsyn [Mateus] A Sea Wolf Roegadyn of 21 years, Kyndmynd is as bouncy and glittering as his magnificent mane of crimson hair. This is a man with a dream, a singular goal into which he pours his boundless optimism and determination: to open the greatest dinner theater to ever grace the face of Eorzea. Kyndmynd not only wants his patrons to feel the emotion in his acting and singing, but to taste the emotion in his cooking, to delight each and every one of the senses! To this end, he's enlisted his twin brother Barabaen to travel the globe with him in search of the rarest ingredients and the grandest experiences, to gather an audience across the globe hungry for the entertainment he so deeply wishes to provide...but he's also a little short on money, so he'll have to content himself with busking and being a delivery boy until he can afford a chocobo. Can the man with the incredibly unfortunate name achieve his heart's desire? And will his font of spirit continue to run deep, or will poisons hiding within the well prevail? Anyway, I hope to see you around!
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