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  1. It's a pleasure to meet you all. My name is Wil-Ahn. I just recently purchased a copy of Final Fantasy 14 Online: A Realm Reborn not too long ago. While this is my first time in a roleplayable Final Fantasy game, I am quite familiar enough with the game mechanics and overall objectives of almost every RPG to get around well enough on my own. The reason why I am writing this to you all now is because I am having a bit of a crisis as with all Roleplaying Newcomers probably have, and that is locating a playable RP server. I spent a lot of time researching Final Fantasy 14 before hand, and I while I was satisfied to know that the fanbase caters almost indifinately to Roleplay, it's a big issue when the only servers that the forums speak of are the ones that I can't get into. (Aka: Mateus and Balmung.) The only available server that I've been able to find was Malboro. But a personal problem that I've ran into there is that I have a rather poor connection to the Primal Data Centers... If all goes well, I may consider staying there and even aid in the promotion of roleplay in that particular world. But I do truly hope that I can get some help into joining the more popular Roleplay servers in the Aether Data Centers. I hope some among you could take the time to help a poor newcomer out. I should probably go ahead and talk a little bit about myself while I have some energy left before slumber consumes me. I have been playing RPG's, and mostly MMORPG's, since around World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, that's almost half a decade now... So I've had my wondrous share of RP, dungeon delving, etc... But the reason why I suddenly decided to join this game is because... I've grown tired of World of Warcraft... Ever since Warlords of Draenor, my eyes have been forced wide opened to see the many holes that plague that game. From certain game play mechanics, to the biggest part of that game, the Story. My brothers are too blind or busy to actually take the time to see the anchors that weigh WoW down and the lack of effort Blizzard is putting into fixing them. I HAVE played the most recent content and enjoyed it... But it's not enough anymore. Now I want to give other games a chance. So, here I am. And my my, this game has not disappointed in the slightest. This game dosen't feel naive/over-zealous and it plays magnificently even on my laptop. And it has BARELY lagged at all. I can see this game actually running for a long while, assuming Square keeps up with the commitment... I do hope I'll get to spend some quality time with you guys, I have a feeling I'm actually going to enjoy myself. :3
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