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  1. So...is there a RP linkshell I can join?
  2. Hello everyone! I've been playing MMORPGs on and off for the past 15 years starting with the original Star Wars Galaxies before and a little after the New Combat upgrade and leaving after it got weirdly morphed into something else and dumber. I then moved onto Runescape and flirted with WoW in college a little bit before just getting bored and moving on. The highlight of my brief MMORPG career up to this point would have to be FFXI, which I only gave up because my speed kept getting throttled by the school and sharing a server with at least 400 other people; ie lag. Other than that, I tried The Old Republic but it just seemed empty and felt like I joined in too late to be part of the crowd in my adult life. I don't have much RP experience outside some Pen and Paper games I've played with my friends but I've always an interest in it even though I mainly played solo up to this point. It's just after I started to play FFXIV that I wanted to have a chance to do a little light RP with my main character whom I have a decent outline for his character and progress up to this point. I hope to do medium RP in the future though as soon as I can get better at it.
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