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  1. Socrets


    So...is there a RP linkshell I can join?
  2. Socrets

    Into the Fire (Brynhilder)

    Hello everyone! I've been playing MMORPGs on and off for the past 15 years starting with the original Star Wars Galaxies before and a little after the New Combat upgrade and leaving after it got weirdly morphed into something else and dumber. I then moved onto Runescape and flirted with WoW in college a little bit before just getting bored and moving on. The highlight of my brief MMORPG career up to this point would have to be FFXI, which I only gave up because my speed kept getting throttled by the school and sharing a server with at least 400 other people; ie lag. Other than that, I tried The Old Republic but it just seemed empty and felt like I joined in too late to be part of the crowd in my adult life. I don't have much RP experience outside some Pen and Paper games I've played with my friends but I've always an interest in it even though I mainly played solo up to this point. It's just after I started to play FFXIV that I wanted to have a chance to do a little light RP with my main character whom I have a decent outline for his character and progress up to this point. I hope to do medium RP in the future though as soon as I can get better at it.