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    Hi everyone. I've recently come back to the game because of Shadowbringer hype. I've played off and on since 1.0. I've only rpd on forums before but I would like to try to do it in an mmo for once because I have more fun when I immerse myself more does that makes sense? Lol so I made a mooncat Archer on mateus! I was thinking of her backstory to be something along the lines of growing up and living in the poacher/Hunter group that lives in the lost shroud. But she decides to leave for reasons I haven't thought of yet. I'm sure it's not very creative but I like it. My plan is to attend some in game events and practice and build up a backstory. I want to write in real life as a side thing (fiction and non fiction), and this could be a fun way of leveling up my skills? In real life I am a huge animal person that owns a dog and tarantulas. Hopefully more dogs and spiders in the future. I hope I can meet some friends here!! I've played a millions MMOs and always play alone so...I want to change that.