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  1. uhm. you do realize that having a miliarty group NOT CHOOSE their clients, is kind of dumb? they're prolly not gonna choose basely on their moral standards but more of on their: if they can accomplish the goal, if the risks are satisfactory, and if they pay enough for their services. i like the idea of being able to choose which jobs to take rather than just taking any lil job here and there. and i'm pretty sure gercho mentioned that the group could be working for smaller villagers or even the rebel force against that village depending on the pay. you kind of need to lighten up Ashren, it's not a bad thing if a group is trying to form and try a different approach, is it?
  2. [align=justify] I like this idea a lot, and I know my character Crowley would be perfect for this group. I'm glad you posted this idea, because most group haven't been what I've been looking for. Sure maybe some of them were military-structured, but the neutrality really nailed it in the wall. There's too many 'self-righteous' groups along with 'dark' kind of groups, which doesn't fit Crowley who doesn't care for either and just the money. Thanks a lot! So you can count on me to join this group. [/align]
  3. O.P.I

    Howdy yall

    ah thank you all very much. i'll do my best to get in comfortable.
  4. O.P.I

    Howdy yall

    hi i'm o.p.i. it's a pleasure to meet you all! this is my first day on the forum, and i'm so excited for the beta coming up and when it truly comes out. --MMORPG background the only mmorpg i've ever done is mabinogi, and even then it's nothing compared to what this is. hahahaa. --RP experience i've been rping since five years ago, so it's been a while for me, though i started with forum roleplays befor eventually i just moved on towards mabinogi and then tumblr. finally i'm coming to this after some bad stuff came up on mabinogi that made me leave. ;( --Character ideas/info my character is a male hyur by the name of crowley bookk, the last k is silent. there's not much i'd like to talk about him, because he's still on the works but i will say that he's a summoner and part of a group that does mercenary work. you can get an idea of his appearance in my icon that i doodled. --How did you learn about the coalition? From a friend, who interested me into joining. --What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? i'm more of a medium-ish to slightly heavy??? but more medium if anything else. i'm very invested in my characters, but even i like to just chill out and mess around when i have the chance to do so. --Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc) well i don't really mind talking about myself. i don't work currently, and soon i'll be starting my EMT course at the end of the month. i enjoy writing, and doodling once in a while. and i'm really lame. there we go. uh that's all i really have to say, sorry. i'm not all that great with introductions, but it'll be nice to meet everyone and be able to interact with others. so please take care of me!
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