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  1. 18th of the First Umbral Moon Dear Fetrata Yatrata, I apologize for the lapse in communication as of late. My arrival in Ishgard wasn’t exactly met with open arms. Despite some rather embarrassing setbacks, I’ve procured a room in a local inn for several nights and just returned from my assignment. I thought I was going to die of anxiety while returning to the inn with what I’ve gathered. If they searched me I would probably have been executed on the spot. To start at the beginning, I entered the room and found all the items, still lying untouched from where I had last seen them. Peculiar, but whatever is most convenient. Without much time for myself, I did my best to capture what I could. The rosaries I spoke of before are well made. Almost like the ones the Church uses here. Judging by the markings of age and use, they must be very old. I’ve included one in this letter for your judgment. Attached also is a very queer page of parchment that fell from the old tome I have found. The page is worn, even moreso than the collection it has come from. The text is just barely visible and it appears quite...wrong. Just very wrong. I'm not very keen on how parchment is made but I'm quite certain that it shouldn't be such a lavender color. Even holding this fills me with such dread. Please handle these items with care. I could not bear to think of any misfortune that befell you because of me. I will return to Gridania soon. Yours Truly, Edette Mouvionne
  2. 10th of the First Umbral Moon Dear Fetrata Yatrata, Thank you again for agreeing to assist me with my friend's rather dire situation. After searching through letters and other means of correspondence, I've yet to determine a good lead as to his whereabouts. I'll have to reach out to other denizens of Ishgard and fellow housemates to see if they've heard from him since we last met. I plan to return to Ishgard within the coming days and attempt to search through his apartment. I intend to make a very thorough search this time due to his absence from the premises. His home is away from the reach of the heavily guarded homes so it shouldn't be difficult to do so. I will attempt to document as much as I can and acquire the possible Mhachi tome that we spoke of if possible. I shall touch base with you soon! Enclosed are some tea packages of mine from Ishgard. Please try them at your leisure! Yours Truly, Edette Mouvionne
  3. Any and all kinds of items or letters sent by The Crystal Charter's very own timid Ishgardian, Edette Mouvionne. All things posted are IC to their respective parties. Please don't take the contents within and repost elsewhere without asking.
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