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  1. Thanks a ton. That was really helpful! And thanks to the person who private messaged me and chatted with me on discord. Jeez, you people are helpful. Reminds me of the old days of Ultima Online.
  2. My idea is for a Highlander who's still as violent as the rest of them but not from that city that was taken. I'd like to give him a more Scottish style (as I am of Scottish extraction and quite like our idiosyncrasies) but I'd like to have a good lore reason as to why this would be. Any lore reasons why a Highlander might be from a displaced clan and where in the nine hells could he have come from? Thanks
  3. Awesome, thanks a lot. Once I get a better handle on playing the game, I'll probably make a thread over there with one of those questionairre/list things I love doing (is there a good one you guys use?) and, if everything goes over well, I'll start looking for small-group-or-individual RP because trying to weave through 50 conversations to find the one I'm involved in gives me migraines. And a guild, obviously.
  4. Can I get a link or a list to Lalafell lore? I'm starting an RP on Mateus with my wife (we met in WoW 10 years ago) and I want to be sure I get everything just so. I'm running a dune but every bit of lore helps so long as it's not an indecipherable wall of text. I'm also running a memorial character for my mom on Couerl (or however it's spelled) to learn the game. I figure I'll learn my hardest class (healer) first so I'll suck less at it and make her a house or apartment or something because she would have loved this game. Look forward to (hopefully) RPing with some of you soon. You'll know me because I focus on believable and down-to-earth characters with proper psychological make-ups and plausible backstories. I know it's a JRPG but I want to suspend disbelief and the more realistic the by-play is, the easier it is to suspend disbelief. I know it's not everyone's cuppa but, hey, that's why there's so many different ways to play, right?
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