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  1. Hi there! I'm new to the forum and new to FF RP. I play an Au Ra on Mateus named Toragana Daisho (she introduces herself as Daisho no Toragana), and I'm having a heck of a time nailing her background down. Specifically when it comes to birth place, customs, and culture. For reference, I'm including her WIP backstory so far and will ask questions from there. (And I have a lot questions. Oh boy.) Also, it's a bit cliche but it's a start: Would Kugane be the place for a person of her class/caste living under a liege lord? Would this be on Koshu? Is Shirogane part of Kugane? Would Doman people be in this part of the East? Should she just be Hingan? Is daimyo (daimya for the Lady) the correct term? The lord would be more a prominent merchant, maybe a lesser far distant relative of some house/lord claiming the title of bugyo, than anyone of true noble birth. What would be the proper term for his vassals? Plebs? His people? In regards to language: She speaks Doman fluently (it's her preferred language), knows Hingan, and muddles her way through Eorzean. However, are Hingan and Eorzean the same common language? I do not plan on dumping paragraphs of Japanese in her speech, but would it be acceptable to use simple words/phrases like "Hai," "Domo" (or "Arigato gozaimasu" for formal instances), or "Gomen'nasai" (or "Domo sumimasen" for formal instances) sprinkled as needed? Her classes are NIN, SAM, and ARC. I main NIN and assume she uses tanto blades as weapon of choice. She's not unskilled with katana, but is weak with a bow. Does it make sense she might be trained in the other two (not as a SAM per se, but at least for weapon proficiency)? I may have more questions, but they're more related to personality building rather than backstory building. I role-played her for the first time last night as part of the interview to get into the FC and I'm still trying to get to know her. Thank you for taking the time! And for sticking around until the end! XD
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