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  1. Is currently still recruiting, as well as looking for outside connections! Feel free to visit our website for more information!
  2. Gnatty Spider is recruiting for some new friends to join us! We are true/chaotic neutral with questionable themes in our RP that may be darker than usual for those looking for that type of RP. We tend to lean between both dark/light RP considering our IC stance of being neutral. We are a small FC with active events on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays! We are a bit strict on who joins, simply so that we can best find those who will stay for the long run. We focus on being inclusive and encourage interaction between everyone. So if you are looking for a place to fit in, why not try Gnatty Spider! Who are we looking for (IC)? Pretty much anyone from any type of background! As long as you are fine with questioning your morals! We have four units, each with it's own set of mission types and skills required. More info about these can be found on our website, where you can also find our application that must be filled out in order to join! We also have a Discord that you are welcome to join after applying, whether you want full membership or to be affiliated with us! Have any questions? Feel free to reply or send us a DM! We'd be more than happy to help!
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