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  1. Ah, ok then. I misunderstood what you mean when you said more that purely a crystal. Thanks for the input.
  2. Couldn't he use one of the crystal cores used in the machinists aetherotransformers? Or whatever the tubes on the Savant Attire sleeves are made of? Those are both mentioned to store aether and the former can't be too rare given that machinistry is supposed to mass arm the lower class. Barring that, does the entire thing have to be made of white auracite? Or can it be a small part like a battery with a blade of aetherically conductive metal? I'm not against my players getting rare materials but an entire blade made of white auracite seems a little excessive and really fragile.
  3. So, one of my players wants to have his character do something a little more out of the box. I gave them a tentative maybe since it made sense to me. Is it possible for someone with enough knowledge in aetherology to make a sword or blade with a crystal core that stores the user's aether which can then be used to add a bit of extra oomph when it's filled enough? I know that crystals can be used as aetheric storage, but it it possible to automate the storage and then release? Now that I think about it, it's kind of like a gunblade, but recharges instead of reloads. Is that possible? And speaking of gunblades, do we know exactly when the gunbreaker job quests take place? Just out of curiosity.
  4. So, I have a several questions I want to ask: 1. How powerful do experienced adventurers get? I'm asking this because I thought it didn't really make logistical sense for the Warrior of Light to be the only person capable of dealing with big threats. Eorzea is around the size of Australia according to a previous thread, the city states would crumble if that was the case since the Warrior of Light is only a single person and can't defend an entire continent on their own. So, I was wondering, could a group of experienced adventurers, say with 6 to 8 years of experience, be able to do some of the stuff the Warrior of Light did that doesn't require the Echo (FATEs, dungeons and raids that do not involve primals, etc.)? 2. How much freedom are adventurers in grand companies given? I recall the grand company levemete mentioning members of other grand company being allowed to participate, does this imply that adventurers are still allowed to go around freelance even after joining up, or is it just a gameplay mechanic? 3. This one is the one about Ala Mhigo. Is is possible to have a Keeper of the Moon be born there? I was thinking something along the lines of their parents/grandparents moving out of the forest because they didn't want to live a secluded lifestyle and settled in Ala Mhigo or the surrounding region. Thanks in advance!
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