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  1. I am (I suppose) one of the rare french player on Balmung. I also play on my main on omega, but I would like to meet another roleplaying community ! MMORPG background : I've been playing mmorpg since 1999-2000. My first one has been Asheron's call. Then I switched to Dark Age of Camelot for many years, where I discovered rp. I've also played a lot of Shadowbane and guild wars. FF14 since ps3 release. (don't judge me ><). RP experience : Long and rich experience in both french and english,. But as a non-native, please forgive my lack of finesse and many mistakes. I also tend to not understand pirate talk and written accent... I am also here to practice ! I like all sort of rp, with a preference for slice of life and romance. Character info : Native of Limsa, Swyrwyst is self made cook, looking to becomes rich. His signature plate is the dodo-orange. He is a short, dark skinned Sea Wolf. I am looking for any person wanting to rp at EU hours (from early in the morning, to the evening, I'm free roughly half the week) I'll hope to meet a lot of people ! I'm fully open to romance and all type of RP !
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