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  1. Hey there! Online I tend to go by the name of TiamosLoren (whom I might bring along eventually) but for now, I am experimenting with my pugilist newbie Leoden Garande. I am looking for roleplay on Omega, since I live in the UK. Found this place through a search for RP in FFXIV, so figured I would check it out. Been a long-time player of MMO's, been on FFXIV since the PS3 days and played (and roleplayed) on WoW before then. As for roleplay, it would be my second foray into RP in a game, but I have been a roleplayer - barring gaps of interest - since 2002. I will look to RP where I can, as I would have to juggle my household responsibilities and my main game characters on Phoenix and Louisoix. But I am fully willing to leave them behind if I can find compelling RP! Hope to see some of you around.
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