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  1. Nah it was Academy of Magic. It was small and ran for only a few months before the higher ups kinda fizzled out with other responsibilities. It was fun and I made a bunch of friends.
  2. I was on WA. I was a part of this guild that RPed a arcane kind of school. I was ANA BUMBLEDUCK!!!!! The cutest gnome wizard toy maker ever and I love her
  3. Yo what's popping, I'm Dav I'm a pretty experience RPer with a couple years under my belt. But mostly in TTRPGs and a solid few months in WOW rp. And I don't have a lot of experience with FFXIV yet. (I'm low level so honestly my wardrobe will be evolving as time goes on.) I'm gonna be focusing on my girl Pearl, a Roegadyn Punch Cowboy. I'll be hanging around on Mateus so if you see me running around feel free to stop me. Also feel free to HMU. I'm open and friendly to most if not all RP.
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