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  1. Cactaur and Bomb earrings are now out. Get them from the moogle merchants in the following locations. Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:8, Y:13) Old Gridania (X:10, Y:6) Ul'dah: Merchant's Strip - Steps of Thal (X:11, Y:11) ~Yanyuri Monsuri
  2. Some of these things I didn't know. ~Yanyuri Monsuri
  3. Tomorrow, I plan to make an RP Free Company on Gilgamesh. I aim to create a Free Company that is tight-knit and a fun interactive experience for all who join. Join with your character's (old or new) and begin creating and sharing your story with all who join. I am going for a Free Company that will eventually go on adventures in all of Eorzea. As long as it goes with the lore we can do it. I will be open to any adventuring or story ideas just let me know. Think of the Free Company as a place to make stories come to life. Let's all adventure together. ~ Yanyuri Monsuri
  4. Hello fellow adventurers. I will be forming an RP centered Free Company, on Gilgamesh tomorrow. Let me know if you are interested. Thank you, Yanyuri Monsuri
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