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  1. Cool. I'm glad. Doesn't fix any of my gripes that were not addressed by anyone else who replied, though; it all boils down to either "those things aren't problems; I'm not having them!" or "you should be happy you're having these problems!" There's other near-empty servers you can go to with the same benefits as Mateus (my home server-- I'm not moving just because some trendsters moved in next door). The RP tag was implemented like it was so that you could find RP on whatever server you happened to be on. I realize it's easier to find people to RP with when you play on the same server, but organizing a mass migration to greener pastures just makes a problem for the cows already grazing there, and doesn't endear the general population to the RP community. Because really, all the replies to my post are exactly what I expected, and not very conducive to Roleplayer-Non-Roleplayer* relations. (*I am a roleplayer.) Like, I dunno. I like seeing people interacting in character. I like getting little snippets of how other people interpret the game through their characters. I'm not Anti-RP and I'm not one of the people who roll on an RP server for the ambiance. I've been roleplaying the same character on WoW since 2007 and they've gone from a name and a sprite on screen to a realized individual that is a part of me now. Many of the real, adult friendships I have spawned from simple conversations IC in WoW. But the fact that I know how MMO RP works doesn't negate the problems that come with Every Person Who Wants to RP On FFXIV Trying To Get Onto The Same Server And Also That Server Is Where I Live. I've heard there's a little community on Goblin. Why not spread some of the weight across the other promoted servers? I think you as a community have that ability to communicate with each other.
  2. Don't come here. Mateus is full. There's no more housing. There's only like 31 people with rp flags on at any given time, yet there's more than that in the login queue at peak times and no new characters are being allowed to be created here even for people who were playing on Mateus before RPers decided it was going to be their new haunt. Even late at night there's a 10+ queue to log in. It's really fun to wait 45 minutes as dps for a queue, get 90'kd, then wait ???? minutes to get back online and see you're kicked and can't queue again for awhile. Hunts are getting pulled early now as opposed to the courteous wait period we all had before. The increased population hasn't even done anything for the economy. People still aren't leveling crafters and so nothing sells and the one possible perk to a bigger population isn't living up to its potential. *Real* natives of Mateus miss their low pop server. We picked a small server for a reason.
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