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  1. I currently play on the Elemental Server, Tonberry world to be precise. It feels like a small world for English speakers given the smaller amount of active players compared to the NA Data Centers. Within that already small pool, it seems to be impossible to find a sizable, present, and active role-play community. I have no experience RPing in this game, nowhere near starting something of my own either. At this point, it may be better transferring an Alt to Gilgamesh and participating there. This would be the best course of action, yes? Given that it most likely is, I'm seriously considering do
  2. It might appear on the surface that Tonberry has a lack of immediately visible roleplayers. I'm glad to find another person this soon. If there are others, I'd like to meet them, and if there aren't I wonder if something can be started. My Discord Tag is Elendil#5220, feel free to add me and we can talk. Thank you, I'll hope I can make the most if it.
  3. Comes back from searching for FCs and LCs in my Data Center. Hahaha...
  4. Hello there, online I prefer to be called Elendil. However, my IGN name is Urusla Callistis. I'm from Tonberry. MMORPG Background I haven't played many MMORPGS. Though I've invested heavily into FFXIV, I've only seriously played one other which was "Dungeon Fighters Online". I might know next to nothing about other games, but I hope I can still enjoy doing things in the game I enjoy the most. Role-play Experience I've been Role-playing on image-boards since early 2015. How it was done is the people in the community would pick a character they like from a serie
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