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  1. Thanks for the reply ^^ I do definitely feel RP will be the main point of my entertainment, I've been in a similar situation back in GW2 where I had grown tired of the games content and moved to an RP server, which gave me another two years of fun from RP alone. The alt idea is not bad, I'll probably give that a shot if I don't give in to my selfish desire first and just end up transferring I have looked for fellowships but only found 1 on my server, and from the researching I have done there's not a lot on the other severs that is on the same datacenter
  2. I've been wanting to try out RP in FFXIV for quite some time already, but being stuck on a datacenter which does not have an unofficial rp server I've only been able to try a little bit. Being used to RP in other MMO's I'm sure I will enjoy it a lot if I find myself a community so I'm not worried about that, but by changing server I'll also leave behind real life friends which will find my decision strange. I could make a new character on the RP server (which also seems more reasonable to/for them), but that doesn't feel like the same, given how much time I've put into the character, unique st
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