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  1. Interesting thoughts! I am still progressing through Stormblood content so I'm still relatively inexperienced with both Doman and Xaela Tribe culture, but this does give me some more ideas. Almost too many. Thank you so much for the reply!
  2. I'm super new to the game in terms of roleplay, so sorry if this thread came off as being the ramblings of an uninformed person
  3. Hey folks, first post, and I was just wanting to ask a general question of how a xaela tribe au ra might come to find themselves using a decidedly doman name, as is the case with my (newly fanted) main PC, Taemarashi Hagane. I thought about the approach that they were abandoned as a child or separated from his tribe and somehow, through the grace of whatever powers may be, that they were adopted by a doman/hingan family. However, I don't quite know how the logistics of that would work out, so I also thought maybe they simply adopted a new name to distance themselves from their initial life as a member of a tribe. What are your thoughts? P.S. This is a totally legit RP idea, and not me trying to cheap out and not buy a name change to go with my fantasia... nope.
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