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  1. Hello all~ As the title states, I'm new to rp on FFXIV and am hoping to get into it. I've tried to rp on other MMOs, main WoW, but just couldnt really find it enjoyable. But! I love FFXIV more than WoW. I do have some other characters that aren't RP characters and have been playing for about 2 months. Me and two of my friends have decided to try out RPing. I just.......don't know where to start lol. I have some character ideas. One is a old DnD character that I never really got to play name Marigold Vexx. She would more than likely be a Hyur Red Mage since she was a Bladesinger in the game. But I also kind of want to do with something with my friends. Does anyone have tips or suggestions on how to get started after character creation? We are looking to make our characters on the Mateus server. Thanks a bunch!
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