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  1. Nestled in Shirogane, Tsukiakari (meaning Moonlight) is an Eastern night club with loud music, bright lights and a brilliant atmosphere. Come along and dance the night away, or sample our special drinks! If you need a friends list teleport then please add Lottie Voras or Kiyoko Fumetsu and teleport to the Free Company estate. Shirogane, Ward 10, Plot 58, Lich Server Opening Hours: Fridays 9pm-12am GMT
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    The Stray Sheep is a friendly bar with a warm atmosphere, located in the Lavender Beds, Plot 3 Ward 11 on Lich Server, on the Data Center of Light. The Bar Located in the Lavender Beds, this large venue is host to many seasonal events, most notably our Spring Prom, Moonfire and All Saints Wake events. Our weekly bar night is a great introduction to roleplay for anyone interested in taking part, and is also a perfect venue to begin your character's story and meet new people. The Free Company We are a small yet tight knit friendly company who enjoy clearing content when we aren't r
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