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  1. Hello, thank you for your answer! Well, precisely, I wanted to have the details on this to avoid any problem of knowledge of the RP, because on the net you can find everything and nothing. I had read that losing your crystal was bad for DRK and that it was impossible to come back to how you were after being under the influence of Estime. That's why I'm here to ask if you have any details on this. (The Wol becomes a future Paladin after being DRK. After that, it's the Wol) Sorry again for my writing and thank you
  2. Hello, sorry in advance for the mistakes, I am French. I come here to find grounded answers. 1- Let us admit that a character is corrupted by his dark part (Estime). Can he come to his senses and remove this dark part? Or better, not to be DRK anymore? Because in RP currently we have the case of a DRK which has lost control and is under the control of Estime. But can we go back or the person is doomed? 2- Ah and another small question: If we remove the soul crystal from the DRK, does it die? Thanks :)
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