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  1. Lighting practice on a natural beauty.
  2. My take on a beefy adult Trainer Red!
  3. Flat color waist up commission of a spearman
  4. Sketch commission of a buck toothed baker named Rita!
  5. Full color commission of a fan dancin doggo~
  6. Sketch commission of an adorable nerd
  7. Sketch commission of a spunky staff wielder
  8. In homage to an extremely good boy, Peluche.
  9. Quick flat color of another VN character, Latif!
  10. Character Sheet comission of a hyena demon named Snicker-Snack!
  11. Revisiting my anime days filled me with nostalgic inspiration~! Have a look at some updated, classic, and colorful characters in a story about magic and mermaids.
  12. Commission of Rise Kujikawa from the Persona series!
  13. Stitched together rocker babe sketch
  14. Sketch of a spooky cute mermaid named Naia!
  15. A quick flat color of my own sweet boy Ferris!
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