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  1. Thanks! I'm still trying to figure things out. Might have to wait for the DC visiting thing to be implemented since I seem to be on the non-RP datacenter, but that'll give me time to sort my character out more!
  2. Hey everyone! I've been in FFXIV for just over a year now and got hooked in a bad way, as you do. Looking to expand my experiences with some roleplaying, since that's a bit of a hobby of mine in general. MMORPG background: A few. Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Trek Online mostly, my MMO days started way back with Rappelz and Silk Road Online (pretty good for free Korean MMOs). I'm not close to an expert with the games, in fact my gaming skills overall can be graciously described as "adequate", but I know my way around an MMO. RP experience:
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