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  1. Finally made a character on Gilgamesh! Looking forward to getting in contact with you guys soon for a Linkshell.
  2. At any rate, with the amount of complaints SE has received over there being a lack of an AFK timer I don't see why it wouldn't end up being implemented soon enough, it'd be the most logical move. I'm thankful I don't have to camp out - first time my shitty timezone has actually worked out for me, haha. Servers open up at about 1-2pm my time so I'm thinking about creating an RP character for Balmung when I come up with a good idea for one, hopefully I'll be able to get in. Still, it's kind of irritating not being able to play in the morning when I want to. :V
  3. Aaaa such lovely stuff~ glad your art-site's a tumblr - following that now. Game design to eh? We share the same dream, best of luck to you. Also idk if I'm terribly behind but hope your injury is better! :>
  4. Hi guys, figured I'd pop in and say hello. I go by Kerynean, nickname 'Kery' most places; I'm a 20y/o whose been RPing casually for close to a year now. My RP adventure started off in Guild Wars 2 - I still have a pretty solid presence there (I run a guild called KEEP) but I'm still interested in dabbling within the FFXIV community when I can since it looks to be a fun game to be part of and I've generally had a good experience with RP server communities thus far (you guys are always so friendly!) I'm currently on Ultros (playing with my bf) but I'm open to moving (if it becomes possible)
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