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  1. Ok, when you've made your character, post your character's name here, so we can find you. As for the other questions, I haven't played FF11, and I'm also new to 14. Although I've RP'ed on another website / MMO before, I've completely new to it on this game.
  2. Why not join us? The more the merrier! At least till the other servers are finally open again. I'm about to sign on and stay there just incase anybody rolls on the server. Not sure if anybody else is online at the moment. EDIT : And of course the NA / EU servers are down at the moment...haha. Ah, I see. I'm in Limsa right now, but I'm level 13, soon to be 14. I'll be out of there soon. Thanks for the info!
  3. Hello! We have 12 members join our Linkshell since we started yesterday, today I'm planning to start another Linkshell and advertise in the server for any RP stragglers who haven't seen this post. If you'd like to join, please do! Post your contact when you do, so I can log in and invite you. I believe you can't leave your starting city till you're level 15.
  4. Welcome to the linkshell and our growing RP community!
  5. In game it gave the message "We are now starting emergency maintenance". I'm assuming they shut down the ability to join any NA/EU servers in the meantime, even though they didn't kick anybody on the servers off.
  6. I just updated the 1st page, please follow instructions to join the Linkshell and our Temp. RP community.
  7. Seems as if you cannot add characters if they're offline. I'll find ways to make this easier for us to keep in touch though, I'll see about creating a linkshell for us. Oh, this is awesome! My character's name is Mimiru Miru, please add me!
  8. I agree, but I'm not too sure how to do that. I'll assist you though, message me details? As far as I know ,there should be a person you can go to in the cities to make a linkshell. I'm not high enough level yet. My name is Bae'rs Nunh is the game, however, if you want to message me. Ah, I'm only level 12...I hope I can still make one. If not, we'll just keep the thread busy and hopefully somebody who can will come around. Thanks for the help! I'm Mimiru Miru in game, if you'd like to add me. It's fine, I'm sorta new also, learning from playing, forums, and my friend w
  9. I agree, but I'm not too sure how to do that. I'll assist you though, message me details?
  10. [align=center]Hello Roleplayers of Faerie (NA)![/align] [align=center]And those wishing to join us![/align] Due to the unofficial RP servers being full since day one of the release, a lot of Roleplayers have been spread around to different servers, most not able to enjoy the Roleplaying side of Final Fantasy XIV due to it. Me, and a group of others are some of these people, and we have chosen Faerie to be our temporary home till we're able to join the RP servers. Are you in Faerie (NA)? Are you in a different server, but want to find a group of people to temporarily Roleplay
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