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  1. Thanks for the additional context, folks.
  2. That's alla great help to me, folks. I knewi could count on you. Thanks!
  3. Alright, jumping straight to the business, I know that it's entirely possible that a lot of what I'd like to know has not yet been explicitly laid out for us, but I imagine that if anyone is more knowledgeable than me, it's every one of you. So here we go: 1) Are surnames individualized for Dunesfolk? That is, are both of a Dunesfolk's names unique to that individual? Is Lolotaru Lalataru the only Lalataru, or does he come from a long and storied line of Lalatarus? 2) Do we know anything about the individual tribes of Sun Seekers? Do they differ or matter at all? Where are they?
  4. Howdy team, I guess I'll let the form below speak for me for the time being. I've lurked around here for weeks, so you should all feel very...exposed. Anyway, I look forward to getting more involved around here and y'all getting to know me (or my avatars) a little more organically. --MMORPG background In no particular order: FFXI, WOW, COH/COV, Aion, CO, SWTOR, GW2, TSW, and now FFXIV --RP experience Limited. I maintain a level of personal RP, but it's not really spilled over a great deal into my play with others. I've done a little in COH, CO, and SWTOR and enjoyed i
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