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  1. I think its really funny how people are fighting each other over "what is the best console"^^ EVEN before any of the next-gen consoles have even been released What do you think? PS4 or XB One? I myself consider myself a member of the "glorious PC Gamer Master Race"
  2. Enemy Within is soooo awesome... with the genetic alterations and the cyborg stuff... best XCOM so far... they really took an awesome game and made it even better. More devs should do that... YES bioware <_<
  3. Pirate Ninja Its actually a lot less ninja-like at this time... you dont even get throwing knifes Well pirating is awesome, but the new story is kind of... well bad. They just wated to set this one in the pirate age and just made up the story as they developed the game... ...i think it should be the other way around for a really good game.
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