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  1. There was a day that was not unlike any other day where I had found myself sitting on one of the many railings of one of the many platforms in Limsa that hung over the beautiful deep ocean below. I remember the way that my eyes had scanned the surface trying to look for breaks in the waves to see as far down into the unknown as I possibly could. All that welcomed me was darkness, an unclear picture of the things that remain and exist in the depths of such a vast body of water. I wonder how long I had been sitting there reflecting on such matters before I began to question if I was subconscious
  2. Have I ever met an individual as tenacious as the one who has been finding me in the most random of locations? I have to admit that I cannot recall a time in the recent past, since I had met the individual, that I had not had had some time engaged with his presence. Could one chalk it up to fate or perhaps it is something more in control than I'd imagine? It wouldn't be hard to fathom that a criminal such as himself would have hired thugs tailing my every move, giving him my location whenever it changes. It is all too convenient for him to keep running into me no matter where it is I end up. I
  3. I am definitely very excited for the future where we'll be able to have some kind of class that uses firearms. I can only hope that such a class comes sooner rather than later, I just can't stand waiting sometimes!
  4. It wasn't as if I was expecting to run into anything or anyone at the Wench on my way through that part of Limsa, I don't normally indulge in the locale myself anyways, but it would have seemed that there was other things in store for me on that night! I had run into a particular group of individuals, got wrapped up in some kind of twisted sort of drama, and managed to just duck my head out of there before my face had become too familiar to some unsavory types (I hope)! It had all started out when I had run into another of my kind, another like me, a red-head who was wearing a particular
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