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  1. I think my "problem" would be both of those with a few other things thrown into the mix. My imagination has always been wild and vast, my desire for adventures and friends within such huge, and bad experiences with people too many to count. So this game and it's people, and the chance to RP means even more to me to some extend, and I don't really know how to convey everything I want to convey and get off of me.
  2. Ever since I started playing this game and been through it, all the way to Lvl 50, I've began noticing something on my mind that only has been bugging me more with the increased time I spend just waiting around inbetween dungeon runs and it's something I wanna get off of my chest, yet I am afraid of it, because I think most people would consider it extremely weird. Anyone have something like that?
  3. I. Basic Info Primary character: Symon Rolue Linkshells: None as of now [*]II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I am not sure yet, I'd like to go for as much as possible, however I Am quite intimidated by far better RPers than myself. Views on RP combat and injuries: I have not yet actually had any experience with this, though it would only seem natural to happen, and I am definitely up for something like this, especially with the PvP content around the corner, which could make this more realistic. Views on IC romance: I am all up for the development of romance between two characters, as long as they truly fit and work with each other, and no too much drama or OOC problems arise. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): If talked about and agreed upon with the people involved and everyone is okay with it, then sure. Views on lore: I have yet to read up on what happened within 1.0, as I've only recently started joinin the FF XIV community, however I will stick with the lore as much as possible to keep everyone happy Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I love using emotes and tell to have more in depth IC conversations, because I do not want to spam other players' chats with conversations they may not be interested in. Though LS I would see more for OOC chats..
  4. I've always wanted to RP, and this game seemed like my first big opportunity. Sadly, none of my friends are really into the idea, and I am really bad with approaching people, so I got up to 50 on Sargatanas without actually making many friends. So I wanted to make an alt RP character and become part of the community here I've played a lot of F2P MMOs before, FF XI back in 2008, and then played some of STOR last year. So I got a bit of experience here and there.
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