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  1. The <tab name="Main"></tab> seems easy enough to understand. It has a lot of the same functionality as html. Also, How do you apply styles to a div class within the wiki? The normal way to do so within html is either a external style sheet <link rel="stylesheet" href="main.css">, or with a inline style sheet <style > .content {width="70%"} </style>, or within the a <div width="70%"> </div>. I've already figured out that you can't use inline style sheets on the wiki. But I dislike doing that same thing 20 times.
  2. How do they make the tabs in the wiki? I know how to do so using jqurey, but I'm not sure if it requires a specific class that I'm missing or a function that is specific to the wiki. I only want to use 4 tabs to start out with. So what exactly is the code you need to use to create a tab on the wiki?
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    I've played most mmorpgs on the market at less once, but a lot of them only lasted three or six months. The ones that lasted longer I was always part of a free company or guild that made it worth playing each day, no matter what I felt like. And role-play was a important part of that though. I only really got into role-playing through MMO's in around 2007 or 2008. Truthfully around that time I had gotten a graphic card that could handle the more advance games. I'll admit that I'm kind of shy individual and have a hard time approaching random people to rp with, and I find it easier to role play with them if I'm in the same guild or link-shell. Its much easier to meet up that way and I don't feel like I'm intruding on there time then. Character ideas/info: He may have been a smuggler or pirate, but he would be preferred to be know as a man who was once a sailor. He doesn't talk like one unless you make him drunk first. And he doesn't believe in that nonsense honor that some people come up with and hes a Sage. How did you learn about the coalition? I've been spying on it since 1.0, just finally got around to joining in. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? All three, I've just been missing it lately, the free company that I was part of starting falling apart around December, currently just part of a community one. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc) I'm done with college and currently seeking that rare thing called full-time work. I like reading, watching anime as long as the fan service is not so high, playing video games, and drawing. That's about it.
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