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  1. Hey everybody, I'm doing a presentation for a literature class exploring the importance of subjective reality and storytelling, with a focus on manufacturing reality. In particular, I am exploring the role of the MMO in creating realities that are both post-human and post-natural. If anyone is interested, my primary text is Douglas Coupland's Generation A. (Check it out, its quite an interesting book!) To supplement my thesis and analysis I am conducting a survey, and would be really grateful if any of you participated. It is a mix of both survey questions and more interview-like questions (full sentence is preferred, but point form is still okay!). I would love to hear the perspectives of people who are currently playing an MMO!! All you need to do is copy paste the survey, answer it, and either reply to this forum or send me a private message with the survey answers. The research will be presented anonymously during my classroom presentation, and only for credit (not publication). If you have any questions, feel free to ask me =) Thanks for helping me out MMO Survey Please answer the following questions. If there is any question you are unsure of, or do not want to answer, feel free to leave it blank. Thank you for your time. 1) Over the past 10 years, how many MMORPGs have you played? a) One b) Two c) Three d) Four e) Five or more 2) How many hours do you spend online gaming per week? a) 1-3 hours b) 4-6 hours c) 7-9 hours d) 10-12 hours e) 13+ hours 3) In an MMORPG, do you interact with individuals you know outside the game? (i.e. in real life) a) Yes b) No 4) What is most important in keeping your interest in an MMORPG? Select all that apply. If you choose Other, please specify. a) Story b) Graphics c) Environment/World d) Fun Factor e) Continual Game Evolution (content patches, updates, expansions, etc) f) Community g) Other ____________________________________________ 5) Do you believe it is possible for MMORPGs to be addictive? a) Yes b) No c) Not sure 6) If you answered yes to question 5, have you or anyone you known been addicted to an MMORPG? a) Yes b) No c) Not sure 7) How important is communication with others in an MMORPG? a) Very important b) Important c) Unimportant d) Very Unimportant e) Not sure 8) Do you feel you have made valuable relationships in any MMORPGs? How would you characterize these relationships in contrast to those in real-life? Are there any differences? Similarities? Please elaborate. 9) Do MMORPGs offer modes of communication or support you are unable to find in your geographic location, life situation, or circumstances right now? Please elaborate. 10) What methods do you use to communicate with others in MMORPGs? Please select all that apply. If you select Other, please specify. a) Friend List b) Chat Channel c) Voice Communication d) Guild/Linkshell/Corporation/Clan e) Forum f) RL Interaction (i.e. physical get togethers, internet cafes, etc) g) Other _________________________________________ 11) Do you view MMORPGs as a potential mode of story-telling, an alternative to book, film, or television? Why or why not? 12) What environments do you enjoy experiencing in MMORPGs? Why do you enjoy those particular kinds? a) Fantasy worlds b) Science fiction worlds c) Contemporary realistic worlds d) Historical worlds e) Frightening/ horrific worlds f) Other _______________________________ 13) Do you role-play in game? a) Yes b) No c) Sometimes 14) Does your in-game avatar represent you in real life, either in physical appearance, personality, conversation, or other actions? Why or why not? 15) Do you play MMORPGs to avoid/cope with problems in real life (i.e. school procrastination, illness, marital problems, etc)? a) Yes b) No c) Sometimes d) Not sure 16) Do you believe that MMORPGs can serve an escapist function, that is, a coping mechanism for real life stress, boredom, etc? Why or why not? 17) What do you believe is the future of MMORPGs? Please elaborate. Thank you for your time. By writing this survey, you agree to allow your answers to be used in graph, presentation, verbal, written, or any other form anonymously. This survey is for strictly student project purposes and will not be published.
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