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  1. I knowwwww! The placebo effect is one of the most fascinating things ever, I think.
  2. Okay, that helps out some! Thanks! Now I can actually navigate that page and understand it. Utilizing whole, natural foods as a form of medicine. Pseudoscience? Maybe? More and more research studies are proving the benefits. Just changing what goes into my body has drastically helped my bipolar and major depressive disorder, helped me lose weight, stopped my joints from creaking and aching, and more. Hippocrates said it some two thousand years ago - "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." I am a massage therapist, which a couple decades ago was pseudoscience.
  3. I browsed the Free Company directory but couldn't seem to tell which ones were active or not, and also the difference between a FC and a linkshell. lol But really I am looking for a friendly FC with like medium RP maybe? I have a lot going on in my life - in school for holistic nutrition, soon to also be in yoga teaching school, and I work full time as a massage therapist. And my three cats keep me on my toes, too. So I don't get to play a whole lot. My main focus now is leveling and storyline. I RP in my head a lot but don't plan to do text-based RP too frequently until I'm higher level
  4. I tried to add you to my list but it wouldn't let me? My character is the same name as my forum name.
  5. Hey, so a week or so back when I came back to Eorzea I tried hopping on my 34THM/15ARC but I just really sucked, haha. I only half remembered the story and remembered little of the map and areas I've explored. (I was drunk way too much when I played last summer...:dazed:). But anyways because Balmung is always full I started fresh on another server and am now a 16 Conjurer and would like to transfer back to Balmung. But I want to keep my name, which means deleting the old character. But he has like 55,000 gil on him and I don't know it's probably not much? But it'd be a nice little boost to my
  6. So I have also ended up making an absolutely adorable Lalafell... haha. <3
  7. Thanks! My thoughts with the Elezen is that he's a very solitary and empathetic individual. He feels everything, all the pains and aches and joys and hopes and losses of the world so distinctly, and it's led him to spend his life alone and traveling the world. He suffers a sort of... sorrowful joy. He finds meditative peace when he's on boats, and his favorite city to spend a few days in is Limsa Lominsa and his prayers go to Llymlaen. I am not to familiar with any Au Ra lore, but when making the Au Ras, especially the Xaela, I see him as a sort of traveling outcast, someone who is
  8. So I recently returned with the release of Heavensward and I'm kind of stuck deciding to keep what I had going or to make an Au Ra for my return to Eorzea. Hopefully this is okay to post and it's in the right area? I know it's ultimately my call, but any input would be fun to read! Thanks! I'm a THM right now but pretty sure I am headed the Scholar and Summoner route. Here I am now: Here are the two men I'm pondering about:
  9. Bless you, K'nahli! I remember most of that now! =) Thanks for the story catch up. I'm headed to Ul'Dah now after the phone call. Now do I have to do the MSQ all over again with each class? I remember THM was boring me last time and combat was so repetitive, so I un-subbed and just focused on my career and other real life stuff. I've thought about trying out a more fun class, healer or DPS, but wouldn't wanna go through the story again.
  10. So I played FFXIV last summer and by the time I quit due to various reasons I've ended up with an Elezen 34 Thaumaturge and 15 Arcanist on Balmung. The last thing I really remembered is helping some fairy folk out near Gridania somewhere? When I logged back on I was at Camp Bronze Lake and the remembered the story about the rat-like people (kobolds?). The only quest I had except one for leves of quarrymill was to use the duty finder and destroy Titan, which I did. I'm headed back now to talk to Y'shtola (is there an agreed pronunciation of her name?). The cutscene at the end had a lot of
  11. Thanks for the help, y'all! I've sufficiently got my feet wet, and now that I'm in my 20s I have got a general knack of the game and what's going on and how it all connects. I ended up transferring to Balmung, by the way. Is there a Free Company directory I've missed? I perused all the linkshells that was linked to me by Zoe, but some are FC based and some aren't. And the couple that I thought would mesh well are Heavy RP focused, and right now my focus is to take my time getting to 50 and exploring the world and my character (and some light RP), but I don't wanna delve much into he
  12. Just wanted to say howdy, y'all! I am in love with this game, so figured I would say hi! Briefly about me as a gamer: My fantasy love affair began with EverQuest about a decade ago. It lasted a few years. Then I briefly enjoyed EQ2 and WoW, but only briefly. My love of video games died off when my PS2 got old, so I've not been a gamer for awhile. I recently decided to splurge on myself and get a PS4, because I missed calling myself a gamer. So Thief and Assassin's Creed are fun, but I was perusing mmorpg.com last week and saw FFXIV on the list. I scoffed, because I remember many years ag
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