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  1. This is our OOC linkshell for the majority of the general population of the roleplay community! Whether you're new to the scene, new to the server, or new to the entire concept, you're more than welcome to ask any questions you may have! We also have a few sister shells should the roster for one of them become full. (Don't worry! All events and news will be passed along by yours truly!) Our sister shell is the Adventurer's Guild, headed by one Graive Elune. If you ever find yourself on Gilgamesh, please pm me (or many other of our fine rpers) if you would like to be invited. I will update this list with the linkshell leaders of each when the opportunity presents itself! :chocobo: -Roleplay Gilgamesh (RPG!) leaders: -Arrayth Nochagi (Linkshell Master) -Iris Whitewillow (Diety) -Loetzoeng Barabhir (Gambit) -Mars Furai (Paddies Pub) -Celestria Cavril (Phoenix's Rest) -R'inara Kairavi (The Kairavi Clan) -Ariel Croix (Coeurl Scouts) -Adventurer's Guild (AG) leaders: -Graive Elune (Linkshell master) -Catamina Kozul (Envisave of Night) -Shizuka Tabito (The Black Sails) -E'kayah Nunh (The Black Sails) -Tsuki Emil (Envisage of Night) -Hirokuli Zerokuli (Fenith Conglomerate) -Woona Snowdrop (Snowdrop Cafe) -Pippipi Lapipi (Envisage of Night)
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