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  1. Hey all, been a while My name's Mike and I've been playing on the Brynhildr server for about 4 years For many of those years I ran an RP Free Company and a couple of Linkshells but due to stress IRL and Drama In Game my dream and goal of a great role-play community on Brynhildr came to an end a little over a year ago But I'm looking to come back into it a little bit at a time, hoping to find other folk to play with. Thanks.
  2. Day 9 The Final Leg To Eorzea The craftsmanship of these archaic sailing vessels is quite remarkable, though they could do with installing gyroscopes and sub-aqueous baffles to mitigate this damn pitching and rolling. As I have had to rewrite this entry four times due to the scratches and scrawls I have suffered for the vessel's motion When I asked another passenger about the ship listing and bucking as it has been he replied "We're sailing smooth as my wife's arse, can't know how the sea feels about ye unless ye get a feel for the sea savvy?" I, to this very moment have no idea what he was talking about, but in order not to further jeopardize my cover story I simply laughed along with him and made my way back to my seat, so far I have found that most people I interact with are of the same stock as my associate whom either believes this heaving and rolling is quite smooth, or severely dislikes the curvature of his wife's posterior. The Eorzeans I have met upon my journey to their land have been an honest goodly folk, utterly contrary to what my father and others back home have told me, why to hear it from their mouths I should have been witness to a ritual virgin sacrifice in order to summon a windborne goddess to push the ship along as soon as our vessel left Meridian waters! As I look at the bag sitting next to me, containing the book of "fell and forbidden magicks" as my mother called it, I cannot help but feel bolstered by my decision to visit the land of it's origin, though undoubtedly still a dangerous undertaking even with the defeat of the VIIth and XIVth Legions and the subsequent draw down of the Eorzean campaign. Talking to and seeing the people here on this ship alone has granted me scores of insight greater than the Emperor's Information Ministry could ever provide and I look ever forward to learning more about these people and this "savage realm" and finding out why my brother chose not only to live here, but to die here.
  3. I. Basic Info Characters:Sender Amcartha Primary character:Sender Amcartha Linkshells:N/A Primary RP linkshell:N/A [*][*][*][*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium-Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: KO's wounds and scars OK, No dismemberment, Death negotiable Views on IC romance: All for it Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Considering character's background this will be considered on a case by case basis Views on lore: Would like to stay as close to lore a possible, some variations are alright Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): /say and /tell will always be IC OOC in parentheses (OOC) [*][*][*][*][*][*] III. Other Info Country:USA Timezone:PST Contact info:MSN: akumatorasensei@hotmail.com, yahoo: deviltiger2k@yahoo.com [*][*][*] [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  4. Finally... After 3 days I managed to get onto Balmung, ready to dive in with both feet and add another level of enjoyment to an already great game. My current character's name is Sender Amcartha, I'll be adding to the wiki post-haste
  5. Hey all, been playing the game since October on Brynhildr and I've been having a lot of fun, but my current server is a bit light on the RP which is something I'm into I want to make an alt and play on an RP heavy server and I heard that Gilgamesh and Balmung are the biggies, not surprising then to see that they're both full whenever I try to make a character If it's not Balmung or Gilgamesh where else would you guys suggest? I live in the Seattle area so an NA server or one the sees a lot of activity during PST times would be optimal, but I'll go wherever the RP is
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