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  1. The website now contains a link to the forums where any and hopefully all questions can be answered.
  2. My new Officer Avamarine Serronas Is availible to talk to in reguard for roleplay application and pearl, as well as ooc pearl.
  3. The Hell's Sharks Server: Besaid Leaders/contacts: Smoke Lynnquay RP Style: Hardcore Website/forum: The Hell's Sharks RP element: Pirate Crew devoted to the rule of the sea, Perhaps the land's as well Headquarters: Constantly docking in Limsa. Most often near the gods grip Application criteria/process: For roleplay: in character introduction and "interview" for both in game and out of game applicants. For OOC: Reading understanding and agreeing to the rules. Further information located on website. Rules: OOC RULES IC RULES: Additional info: The LS is comprised of two pearls. An IC and OOC pearls. The Ic pearl is 100% strictly RP. the OOC pearl is for oragnizing events, parties, random fun. Conversation. The IC pearl Will have Mature language time to time. The ooc pearl will have mature language and topics time to time im sure. chat at your own risk. When in doubt, re-read the rules. Anything further will be coverd in person.
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