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  1. Balance When: Today October 14th, Wednesday Doors open at 7 PM EST Where: Coeurl Mist, Ward 13, Plot 45 Info: Equilibrium brings you Balance again! Come enjoy eastern food, drinks, possible entertainment. We will be open till 11 PM EST this up coming Wednesday! Come take a load off, bring your friends, enjoy the company and eastern theme while enjoying good food and good drinks. Fully functioning restaurant and bar. Deli/bakery also available. Want to help us? We are always welcoming more staff. This is a large venue and about an
  2. Sad to say but the ring will have to be canceled tonight. While I had a few people interested in being staff for the event. I never did have anyone sign up to fight in the event. But fear not, we are not giving up on the event. Just going to cancel tonight and reconvene. Take a look at changes we can make to possibly increase interest. Most likely will take away the entry fee even though it was a nice idea to increase the winners pot. We will probably just pay the winners pot out of pocket and donations.
  3. We are still in need of staff and fighters :) please contact me if you are interested
  4. The Ring - October 7th, 8 PM EST- Plot 31, 7th Ward, Mist - 18+ Warning for Darker Themes, Drinking, etc. The Ring is a Underground Fighting Ring, the only rule inside the arena is don't kill each other! Body disposal services not available. We have a 1k Gil [Real Gil] entry fee to fight, all entry fees go into the winning pot to be given to the victor of each night. Donations are also accepted, all donations will also go into the winners pot. Donators get access to the VIP seating to get a good view of who will win their money. Betting is
  5. Equilibrium [LIBRA] The time has come to make a change, the time has come to do what others are not willing to do A Morally grey Free Company Recently revamped, still growing and building 18+ For darker themes Custom Roll System Divisions to Join Multiple Venues In Character To the public they are known as a mostly normal company. Taking on odd jobs from all over. Deliveries, Gathering, Crafting, Guard duty, Escorting, etc.. But under the surface they are deeply rooted in the underground. Black Market, Criminal Activity,
  6. Of course! We are always accepting more people into the community.
  7. [align=center]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/cfMhXoKklAuCoQKD80WEw-zJqpcu9-ihMhErNO4Ghseal_aZdIcA-G-4RllA4X1HTkxFQukhgB2CcRmrT2hPX4CaSMHgReuoglHMcJ_VbGETYMc-Cw8o2745bLLujDe2esL-d0WK[/img][/align] [align=center]Summary[/align] I had a vision for awhile now of a Free Company I wanted to make. A place where people could grow, learn, and help each other. A company that can both focus on OOC Pve and PVP content and at the same time focus on Role Play. A balance of the two. A home where any form of player could come and find friends and people to help them. [align=cente
  8. We are still around \o/ Community has gotten very large over the last month or so and still growing.
  9. Post updated \o/ we are still here, and growing!
  10. Hello fellow Coeurl players and FFXIV players in general. We have started a community for those on our server who are interested in RP to be able to meet like minded people. We are here to enjoy RP together and create together. Our community has grown quite a bit now to the point we also have a discord and website on top of the in game linkshell. The Website is linked to this post so feel free to check it out to get into the community or just contact me. Zar'ine Moks in game. I hope you can find a home with us and we can create amazing stories together.
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