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  1. We will be opening up again today =)
  2. So that's 11 AM PST my mistake for not adding it. Also [align=center]Try out our special for this weekend only. Sharing is Caring! The Valention's Special. 1 cake or pie of your choice for two people and then one bottle or pot of your picking as well for a 100 gil. (naturally this a made up menu in return for made up moneys)[/align]
  3. Bump and updated for this weekend. =) I'll add the Valentione's things later but I'm at work right now so I gotta pretend to be doing stuff =P
  4. Thanks to everybody who showed up! We had a blast and surely didn't expect to have so much people showing up. So Mind blown We can't thank you enough and hope to see you again soon at our place or another event =)
  5. [align=center] Hello everyone, and thank you for coming to our thread! We wish to thank all of those who turned out for our soft opening a few weeks ago as it was a lot of fun. However, because of the holidays, we have had to hold off on our original grand opening due to a lot of real life happening which is understandable. With the holidays now behind us and our original FF schedules firing back up, we wish to relaunch our Grand Opening. To give everyone a chance to get situated, including our own members, we are moving the Grand Opening to the 24th, Saturday at 11am PST. Our staff will be on hand to welcome everyone who comes by – food will be served and our dance floor on the bottom floor and study on the top floor will also be opened to the public. We will also have private rooms available if you wish to have a private party and we will have a staff waiting on your every need. For those who don’t know, we plan on having events throughout the coming months, the first of which will be a fashion show; voted by the audience, the winner will receive a prize of 1 Million gil donated by House Gemini’s own Koschei Wynters. Put that cute or menacing little outfit together and come show off – strut your stuff as it were. We look forward to hearing from you all (as well as seeing you all!) in the very near future. As always, we have a linkshell available for anyone who would like to know more in detail. You can contact either Sofi Miauxi or Koschei Wynters for access/more info! Thank you. For more info on how to get there check out our previous thread which will also be update after the opening and be our main thread for events etc. Previous thread[/align]
  6. Thanks to everybody that came over to check us out and gave us feedback. We appreciate it very much! We are also wondering at what times people usually rp so we can maybe work towards those times as well or switch it to that. =) Thanks again Sofi
  7. It's lovely to see people liking the concept! Also I made 300 bubble chocolates because... why not. So I'll be handing some of those out as well. See you soon!
  8. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Is opening its doors![/align] [align=center]Hello and thank you for reading this. Now that the grand opening is behind us we are opening once again and from now on every two weeks on saturdays at 11 AM PST. This weekend will be themed for Valentione's Day with special orders and some sharing menu's to celebrate with your loved one. As well as those you can take a long with you. So come on over and enjoy a relax atmosphere to and enjoy a drink and a meal.[/align] [align=center]Now, you are probably thinking that is neat and all but what is the The Gemini Bakery & Inn? Well let me tell you! Our bakery will serve freshly baked pastries and other delights, as well as all kinds of beverages yes… some even come with a fancy little umbrella![/align] [align=center]So come on over and take a seat in our bakery [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center] or relax in the lounge upstairs![/align] [align=center] Once it starts getting late and you wish to let it all out, we will open up our ballroom.We have a wine bar, instruments where bands can play and of course a big dance floor! So come on over and enjoy yourself! [align=left]OOC Info: [align=center]Hello, thanks again for reading this. What our FC is trying to make is a fun little hub where rp'ers can get together in a relax atmosphere with friends or maybe make some new friends. We are set to be open on Sundays at 10a PST however is subject to change due to demand. Also, we have a linkshell which everyone is welcome to – here you can find information about ongoing events as well as times when the bar could be opened out of its regularly scheduled time. Our members have a wide range of time zones to be made available to the public, so whether you’re from the EU, Australia, or the US, we will be here for you! [/align] [align=center]We are located in The Goblet - Ward 2: just take aethernet to The Brimming Heart Subdivision to plot 49 shown here on the pictures.[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]Our linkshell is The Gemini Bakery and you can just ask myself Sofi Miauxi or Koschei Wynters for an invite and we will keep you up to date on the bakery itself. The channel is currently OOC.We are also working on a private room where you can enjoy a big meal on an even bigger table with some friends or FC member or FC Members who are also friends (I know crazy right!) because sometimes you want some more privacy for certain events. But more details about that once later.[/align] [/align] Thanks again and come pay us a visit [/align]
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