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  1. Red Horne

    Any RP going on in Saragantus?

    Small community of roleplayers forming on the Famfrit server. You can contact me in game (Red Horne) for an invite to our linkshell or visit www.famfritrpsociety.enjin.com
  2. Red Horne

    Any roleplay fc or LinkShells on adamantoise?

    There is a small community of roleplayers forming on Famfrit server. Contact me in game (Red Horne) for an invite to the linkshell, or stop by www.famfritrpsociety.enjin.com.
  3. Hello all! I just wanted to hop in and advertise the Famfrit Roleplaying Society, it is a small but growing community of roleplayers based on the Famfrit server. We have a linkshell and a website ( www.famfritrpsociety.enjin.com ) that are used to network with other roleplayers and organize events and activities! I hope to see you there!
  4. Red Horne

    Hello, looking for a community!

    If you are still looking around there is a small rp community forming on Famfrit. Just contact Red Horne to get an invite in game or stop by www.famfritrpsociety.enjin.com. (it is a very new community)
  5. I'm am currently trying to build a to community in Famfrit server. I have a linkshell Famfrit RP Society. Feel free to message me if you would like to look into it.
  6. Howdy! I'm Red Horne, I am the founder of the Famfrit RP Society linkshell, you may have seen it advertised here. I am posting here to say hi and to get the Famfrit server rp out there a bit in case someone comes by looking. Great to be a part of this community!
  7. Red Horne

    Famfrit RP Society

    Sure! I'll try to send you a message in game, or just whisper Red Horne in game! See ya soon.
  8. This is an OOC linkshell to server as a community hub for roleplayers on Famfrit. Whether you are a seasoned vet, a rookie, or somewhere between the two in terms of the game or roleplaying, feel free to contact Red Horne for an invite to our small but growing community of roleplayers!
  9. Red Horne

    inactive Famfrit RP Society

    Hey everyone! just wanted to pop in and say Hi to all our current members and all the potential members! Feel free to contact me on here or in game for help.