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    Bandits for Character story

    I need 5 players who are all different races and they can be ether Female or Male but ONE must be a Miqo'te. The Requirements: 1. Must be ether a bandit, raider or anything else that goes along those lines. 2. Is there to make Kaosu's life a living hell (Involves being annoying, hurting him in any way but NOT killing him) and 3. Must have fun ^^ If you think adding more people to the hunt is needed then do so. Quick Back ground: Bandits/raiders/whatever else there is attacks the caravan that Kaosu was at, they killed everyone but Kaosu, the Miqo'te took his voise away. People showed up so they had to bug out, now just after him to make his life a hell. Please PM IG as Y'erge Tia or Kaosu Naito or PM me here with name, race and what GMT zone your in. ^^ Sin, are you on the Bulmung server? as well whats your GMT
  2. StaffSgtSkunk

    Bandits for Character story

    hey all I have been wondering if there are a few people who would want to make one of my characters story awesome. I need 5 different raced characters that play as bandits hunting down my Ra, they are hunting him to harm him and not kill him since he was one of the only one who made it alive after they attacked. More information will be updated tomorrow but if interested PM me as ether Kaosu Naito or Y'erge Tia. I am on the Bulmung server at GMT +0 Skunk [[mod note: This thread has been relocated from RP Discussion to Making Connections, as it is asking for people to participate on a plot]]
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    Y'erges Final Hunt

    As each day went by the tracks for this purple and black dragon continued but yet it felt like they have been doing it for months. The tracks changed from one moment to the next being prints in the snow to the change of smell within the air. Y’erge, Balanaerthor, N’yx and the unknown person stuck together as they tracked down the great dragon. Each group and being was keeping an eye on each other but the odd armoured warrior seemed to always be a head. Y’erges sight flicked from the tracks they found towards the lone warrior as he wondered why he was so far ahead. As the night started to fall each party started to set up camp for the night. The campsite started to look more like a gathering than a large group of hunters and heplers. N’yx was helping Y’erge write the letter to send back home to the free company while Balanaerthor stayed on guard. The letter was mostly saying how things were going on the hunt as well as Y'erge learning to read. “Well there we go Y’erge, letter all done and ready to go back sweetie” After folding the letter up and handing it to Y’erge to give to a moogle she gave him a rather cute smile to him. “All done? . . Everything written?” N’yx nodded once to him as well as explaining that It wouldn't be a great idea on writing a huge letter just yet. This time Y’erge nodded to her but looked more towards the blue armoured person. “Why . do they avoid?” Looking over in his direction N’yx but gave him a light shrug before looking up at Y'erge. “Well, I'm not sure why he or she does but it must be for some good reason” Y'erge stayed looking at this armored person for a moment or two before looking back at N'yx thinking. “Maybe . there sick or something?” N’yx took one more look at the person in the distance after giggling to Y'erge's response while warming up her little hands at the campfire. “Your funny at times Y'erge” Y’erge being the person he is wanted to know more but knew that something like shouldn't be on his mind. Going back to the book that Balanaerthor gave him and trying to read the words within it Y'erge still couldn't help but think on what this dragon would look like. It had to be big at least from what he heard about it as well as it being purple and black. After giving up on trying to read he closed the book before looking at N'yx. "You cold?" N'yx glanced at her hands for a moment before looking up at Y'erge with a slight giggle. "You could say that sweetie" Y'erge rubbed the back of his neck just moments before his ears twitch slightly to a rather odd and strange sound. It was a faint at first but it was unrecogniseable since it was a sound that he had never heard before. Only seconds latter the smell in the air changed to a more thick like fog, it was the same smell that the party had been following for days. Taking hold of his lance Y'erge used all of his senses to try and locate where that sound was coming from. Just like a person jumping out of the shadow a huge black figure crashed in front of them creating a cloud of white around it. The force of the land nearly knocked Y'erge backwards but he mange to stand up right but what he was looking at froze him solid. "It's . i'ts Kushala Daora!"
  4. StaffSgtSkunk

    Y'erges Final Hunt

    (OOC: ok i have been on other RP forums and posted stuff but this is a first on this forum so enjoy ) Back at the free company house Y’erge started to make sure that he had everything before leaving to head towards the Mor Dhona Taking hold of the huge bag full of food, drinks and other gear that's needed before saying his final goodbye to everyone. Walking out and towards the location he placed a hand on his cheek for a moment and remembered what happened a few hours ago. Delni who is another person in the free company as well as the one he was getting close to have him a light peck on the cheek. Just thinking on what happened was enough to make his cheeks turn red but he smiled to it. Y’erge made a promise that he would come back to them and it was a promise he was going to keep. The walk was long but it was needed for him to clear his mind and concentrate on the task a head of him. Even asking around for information about this huge black and purple dragon it was still very vague, there are a few things that he already knew but two were a danger to him. It has been said that just purple dragons have been know for poison attacks as well as there breath however there is no information about black dragons. Maybe they have the power of darkness or something but another thing on Y’erges mind was how thick the scales were going to be. If they were too thick his spear won't be able to do much damage to the beast but non the less he had to try. He still couldn't get over the kiss of the cheek back when he was talking to Delni a day before the hunt. Placing his hand again onto his cheek he couldn't help but constantly remember. Y’erge made a promise to her that he wouldn't do anything stupid as well as coming back safely. As he started to think about the conversations he had with her something made his ears twitch as he looked over towards the direction it came from. “Y’erge!, over here” For the time that passed and spent thinking about stuff that has happened he completely forget that he was already at Mor Dhona. Walked my over towards the tall Elezen man dressed in what looked to be heavy plate mail in white, beside him was a sword which the handle looked like a claw from a beast and on his back was a shield with a golden griffin placed in the centre. His hair was spiked back with a greyish white tin along with a silver crown with three gems inside, in the centre was a Onyx coloured gem that was slightly larger than the two Yellow gem stones. His right eye was a bright ice colour but his left was like a dog like colour. Y’erge knew who he was and why he was here and in knowing so he moved towards the Elezen. He is also the person who is helping Y'erge read. “Balanaerthor, I . Didn't expect . You to be here.” Balanaerthor was the one who was giving Y’erge lessons on how to read and was maybe the first person to understand him when they met. Y’erge looked nervously at Balanaerthor but smiled non the less after giving him a hand sake. “Balanaerthor? Is that the cute Miqo'te you were training to speak?” Taking one glance over his shoulder before winking at Y’erge and gestures him to follow Balanaerthor replied to the voice. “Yes N’yx, this is Y’erge and please remember that at least.” N’yx was a rather short Miqo'te maybe slightly shorter than Y’erge and has a crazy lovely personality. She had a rather slim body despite how active she is as well as always wearing a sky blue robe with various different parts of gold and white with the hood up. On her back had a rather unique design as well as colours, the top of the staff was four snow like wings each spreading outwards as if ready to fly. The colour of her hair was a dark purple with rose pink tips and her tail was long but wrapped around her. Y’erge was always confused about N’yx’s personality since he wasn't never used to all the hyped up attitude. Walking up towards the campfire with N’yx around it she soon shot up and gave Y’erge a rather tight hug unexpectedly. Another person was there but they seemed quiet and Y’erge didn't ask. The days a head we're going to be though on him but he was ready to make the first step forwards.
  5. StaffSgtSkunk

    Hey all (New guy here)

    Change of characters! Now my main is Y'erge Tia (Brother to Y'urge) and he is on the Bulmung server
  6. StaffSgtSkunk

    Hey all (New guy here)

    Hey all I go by the name of StaffSgtSkunk but some people have started to call me Skunky in other RP servers. Kinda new to this game and what does what and all but I'm hoping that i can have a lot of fun on this. I love RPing since i have a crazy imagenation (sorry for spelling) and i was hoping that some of you guys and girls would get the chance to RP with me . My main (and only character atm) is Y'urge Tia so please, if you want some RP let me know . I am on the Gilgamesh server but i aim to make a character on the Balmung server too. So yeah, come find me whenever and i hope to aim to just have fun , i am GMT +0 so just remember that please. StaffSgtSkunk (Or Skunky)