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  1. Just let me know c: I'm almost always on and or afk, as of right now I have Amon's set glamored.. although it's not IC I still find it great
  2. [align=center][Allagan Associates][/align] [align=center]Allagans | Allagan Researchers | Interest in Allag [/align] [align=center]Allagan Lore | Roleplaying | Coil Raiding[/align] [align=center]It is said that people learn from the past... [/align] [align=center]...Yet from the past we are your future. [/align] [align=center]Our Empire has been lost to our own folly... [/align] [align=center]...But one seems to want to take our place.[/align] [align=center]"I no longer have a home. I have tried with my mother to adjust to this new world.. but it is not the same. I will not settle until I have my home back... So again Allag will rise, together again we can be complete." [/align] [align=center]- Kura Tenshi, Leader of Allagan Associates[/align] Do you love Allag? Allagan Lore? Just anything Allagan? Then come join Allagan Associates Linkshell! We have anything and everything to do with Allag! We glamor farm, rp, and discuss lore! Come join us \0/ please click on the rules tab and read them over! If you would like a ls invite please contact the following: Kura Tenshi B'nhaka Vhis I'sohn Tia Agora Atei Alaric Renautas Silvi Loqui Vera Lynn Yogo Romlo [align=left]Zy'dala Shen The current leader is Kura Tenshi, feel free to contact her via Skype as well at[/align] kura.tenshi (Puppy Kura)
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