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    Yeah I had heard that which is why I didn't specify the region I was in but I have levelled a few toons on a few servers to around the 15-20 mark and on a US server is the only time I have run into problems. Strange but true. It's a strange coincidence but obviously a coincidence is all it is. Unless there is some kind of system in place where they have some kind of signal boosters in the relevant regions? I am clueless when it comes to things like that so that's pure speculation.
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    Many thanks to you for your sound advice! After a long and arduous struggle with the restrictions imposed by the gods of Square Enix I was able to make the journey to the realm of Gilgamesh. But alas it was not to be. My human host is based in Europe and so I began to suffer from that terrible affliction known as "latency". My thanks again for your replies. I wish you all the best in your many adventures!
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    Greetings fellow adventurers! I recently acquired a device known as "PS4" to facilitate my transit to Eorzea. On arrival I was elated by the refreshing sea breeze of Limsa Lominsa. But on closer inspection I became aware that some of my counterparts spoke in a strange tongue not known to me. Phrases such as 'LOL', 'OMG', 'STFU' and endless others. Words like 'spam', 'zerg', and 'nublet' continue to baffle me. And so I was directed here to find answers. My question is thus: is there a place associated with "PS4" where I can avoid this incomprehensible waffle? If so what say you of a name for this place? I eagerly await a response. Many thanks in advance! [align=center]May the light of the crystal guide thee![/align] [align=center]Or as these strange folk seem to say:[/align] [align=center]LOL WTF GTFO[/align]
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