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  1. Ah, I do remember seeing The American Spirit here and there. Towards the end I think I mostly played Counterstrike, Knox, and Whiplash.
  2. Lancer/Gridania. Only had a chance to give a couple classes a whirl before character creation in Balmung was opened up, heh.
  3. Thanks Auriaune: I knowww that name, but I can't remember the attached toons; early alzheimers perhaps. @Kliffoth here.
  4. Gerik Knox


    I was finally hustled into trying the game, and here I am. But I probably wouldn't have given it a chance were it not for the positive things I've heard about the community. Enjoyment and longevity of an MMO always comes back to that above all else. My Balmung main is the same as my forum handle. As to character archetype and drafting, I've already got a good idea of that. A workable backstory will be my bane as always. As to experience, I'm probably split down the middle on forum-based and in-game RP, even a bit of table top. I can't really show a preference for either of the former
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