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  1. http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/47128
  2. Shamad nods and takes off after the Hyur, careful not to fall in any holes along the way.
  3. Shamad walks up and pats the Hyur on the shoulder. "They are with Thal now. We'll get the ones who did this, I promise!"
  4. I think I'll stick with this one.
  5. Shamad picks up his pack and follows.
  6. Shamad looks at the arrow. He has a decision. Continue with what he came here for or go with this guy. Considering the absolute mess that was his journey here, he is pretty sure he couldn't take on those highwaymen by himself. He nods. "Sounds like fun!"
  7. Shamad takes the skin, takes a swig, coughs violently, and hands it back. "Shamad and I'm looking for adventure. Seems I found more than I thought just getting here."
  8. Shamad just nods, totters to his feet, and touches the Aetheryte. He gasps as power flows through him, his empty eye socket glowing dimly beneath the scarf. He casts Cure on himself then the Hyur man. "What's your name?" He's surprised by his voice. It still isn't working right.
  9. Shamad sits up. "Yes. Nasty beasts around here." he croaks. He reaches into his pack and pulls out a scarf and ties it over his empty eye socket.
  10. Sounds like fun! I'd love to get my own derp-mobile.
  11. (okily dokily!) Shamad stumbles into Camp Glory and collapses next to the Aetheryte. He is covered with bloody scratches and there is a huge red lump right over his voice box. His breathing is slow and wheezing. His clothes are tattered and his eye patch is missing. One bystander walks over, looks at Shamad's face, and shudders. He walks away to get medical supplies.
  12. Shamad nods, turns, and walks out the door. As he exits, he thinks "This guy is hiding something. He doesn't look like he has the testicular fortitude to smuggle so...." He starts his journey to Camp Glory where he might or might not wait.
  13. There really needs to be one for dropped jaw cause I just pulled mine off the floor.
  14. Shamad nods while drinking his juice. It sounds to him like this could be fun. He bolts the rest of his drink. "Sounds good. Tell who ever else shows up that I will meet them at Camp Glory in 5 days time." He gets up and is heading towards the door when a thought strikes him. He slaps his palm to his face and walks back to the table. "I forgot to ask. What is the nature of this cargo, how much of it is there and....." He moves his hand in the more gesture.
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