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  1. [align=center]Announcement:[/align] I am happy to announce that the BWI has formed it's own Free Company: Bad Wolf Initiative. Those wishing to join may now do so, and are encouraged to talk to Lyre Blaidd'drwg at their earliest convenience. Company structure has been set to a rank-and-file hierarchy, at present all officers positions are open to applicants! All members must work their way up the hierarchy and begin at the bottom, except those willing to apply and be interviewed (ICly) for officer roles. The probationary period is 15 days after which, should you still be active in the company, you will be inducted in as a full time member. For information on each rank and the benefits of reaching for them, please check the page entitled "Pack Structure" here or on the website (under Player Information).
  2. Thanks! The Linkshell is up, site's up; both are still under construction. Here's the Linkshell! Here's the website!
  3. [align=center][/align] [align=center][Welcome to The Bad Wolf Initiative.][/align] [align=left]The BWI is an organization founded by Lyre Blaidd'drwg in order to locate and coordinate with others who, like her, have been stranded mysteriously in this fantasy world, as well as to make much needed allies and friends with the locals. While the search for her 'people' (if there even are any) may be her primary goal, the BWI operates as a smaller version of the Adventurer's Guild which focuses on connecting adventurers with each other in order to find a place to belong and gain experience. Focus for general members is on team-oriented exploration, with parties of four wolves and one captain. Core teams and advanced teams will also be formed in order to explore the depths of Eorzea and it's current mysteries and needs (raids, PvP teams, end-content etc.,). The Bad Wolf Initiative is working towards two main objectives listed briefly below. More information can be found in the section entitled 'The Objectives'. To find any others trapped in Eorzea and unravel the mystery of the game and how we came to be trapped here, and if there is a way back. To establish a community and home in this world, which will allow us and all those who join us, be they Eorzean or not, to thrive, focusing on defense and service to our new community. [/align] To these ends, the BWI has been set up in a sort of para-military structure, and functions outwardly as a cross between an 'adventurer's mercenary' group (taking any jobs offered and generally doing what 'adventurers' do) like a brotherhood (or sisterhood) of like-minded adventurers; and a company not unlike one of the grand companies, charged with the task of seeking out answers and routing out all of the world's available 'content' in order to discover anything which may help with objective 1. ((Functionally, this means that the BWI group (and later, hopefully, FC) will operate just like any other adventuring-based group; we'll be focused on exploration of content, med-heavy RP, events, cross FC/group RP story lines, leveling... You name it; all with the aims of fulfilling the two objectives of the group.))
  4. I couldn't remember anything at all, not at first. Like being re-birthed, except that I was full-grown and on some sort of mini-blimp-bus being pulled by giant flightless birds; also I wasn't naked, thank the Game Makers for that. The memories didn't start to come back until after I'd reached my destination, the city of Ul'Dah. I was just getting acquainted with the city when they started to filter back in; things would remind me of memories that would take me by surprise in flashbacks, showing me glimpses of another life, one where this world exists only as a game. So now it looks like I'm trapped, and in order to survive, I've had to assimilate into the game world and all the people here. I feel like two people; the woman who woke up trapped in a game, and the cat-girl, jack-of-all-trades who belongs here. The weird thing is how real all these people are, aren't they all just NPCs? If you're reading this, maybe you're two people too. If so, come find me in Ul'Dah. Look for the Bad Wolf Initiative linkshell, or find me at the Adventurer's Guild. Lyre Blaidd'Drwg is my name (pronounced blah-ith drooog), and if you're lost out there too, come find me. If there's a way back, maybe we can find it - and if not, well at least we wouldn't be alone. And remember: Don't tell the locals you're an alien. That never goes over well. [align=center]Bad Wolf Initiative LS [/align] [align=center]_____________________________________________[/align] ((HIYA! Thought I'd just get right into what I'm doing here from the start, hope you don't mind! I've got the standard OOC information filled out below, so feel free to peruse that too. I've been on the Balmung server for some time now (maybe a few weeks), but have only just now decided to introduce myself and my main character, Lyre. How this works is that my character Lyre has found herself trapped in a virtual world as real as the one she came from. While living out her life as her FF XIV self, she's also searching for any other people from her world, and trying to find out the mysteries of how she/they came to be there. To that end, she (and I) have created a linkshell to keep track of people who are part of this (just look for Bad Wolf Initiative - still being set up here, but it's up and running in world). You can feel equally free to engage in regular FF XIV RP, or join in my story line, with me whenever you find me in world, or feel free to join the linkshell or /tell me. Just make sure to check out the back ground information that'll be up on the BWI linkshell thread in the hall once it's up! --MMORPG background I've been gaming since I was a kid; my whole family are gamers. That said, I didn't start MMO gaming until I was about 14 or so (I'm 27 now). I started out on WoW, but I've played just about everything from EQ to EVE. For me, whether or not I stay in a game depends largely on it's RP experience, variability of content offerings and the game itself (good story, good RP material etc..). While it took me a lot longer to get to FF XIV than it should have (considering what I value in a game) I'm glad I came over to try it. I love it! --RP experience I have been role playing as far back as I've had internet access. I can definitely remember being 11-12, having my computer in my room for the first time, and finding myself on IRC rooms dedicated to vampires and werewolves in bars. I've done MUD's, IRC, messengers, forums, virtual worlds (such as Second Life) and, of course, MMORPGs. I also LARP (Live Action Role Play). --Character ideas/info Lyre Blaidd'drwg is a short, round Miqo'te female of dark sable skin and brilliant green eyes. She's fiesty, intelligent and determined. Her character design is based off the character concept prompt "trapped in a game world - what would you do?"; while this is her main plot, I play her outwardly as if she were a completely normal citizen of Eorzea. Because obviously only crazy people go around telling people they come from another world. Lyre's story is still evolving, and I'll be heading from here over to create the Bad Wolf Initiative Linkshell thread where the information will be kept (mostly), but please do throw me a line if you want to connect at any time! --How did you learn about the coalition? I actually just stumbled on it while googling for info on decently active RP servers. I don't care HOW hard it is to get into Balmung, it's worth it for a good, solid RP community! --What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? While I will adapt to play with any style of RPer, and make efforts to be as inclusive as possible, I do prefer the medium to heavy range of RP interaction for myself. My favourit part of RPing with other writers (because I view you all as writers) is unraveling and figuring out people's stories and plots. I also put a lot of effort in to my own characters, for those who enjoy the same, so whether we're just interacting on the surface, or you're trying to find out my character's deepest secrets, I hope there's always something interesting for ya. --Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc) I'm a 27 year old university student with two diplomas in college for the arts (one in basic visual arts and one in graphic design). I've got three years to an undergrad in psychology, and two in an undergrad in English lit.; I'm currently majoring in English with minors in psychology, sociology and philosophy (I've been in school a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time). My passions include digital illustration and concept art, writing and anything that engages my mind. You can check out my creative work here, on my Facebook page.
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