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  1. Thanks for the response! I like to stay consistent with the settings I roleplay in, so lore-breaking is a no-go for me. Was just curious if there was a way if there was a way I could pull it off and have it fit. I guess I'll need to make a character for Source stuff, and find some folks who RP in The First for my dwarf to meet!
  2. Lali-ho! So, I phial'd to a lalafell recently, and I've come to decide I want to roleplay a dwarf from Tomra. Toyed around with the idea of just roleplaying a Lominsan lalafell that acts somewhat dwarf-ish, but I don't think I can accept a substitute. This character is gonna be an ale-swilling, beard-wearing, Gogg-hating (an exception may apply) Tholl and that's that. And there's no inherent obstacles to me playing that character except none of my friends are probably going to want to RP on The First, so there's the dilemma. Anyone lore experts out there willing to give me their thoughts on a dwarf being in The Source, and if it's feasible how to go about that? I'm not caught up on the MSQ yet, but I'm guessing that getting from The First to The Source is still quite tricky. I'm guessing being transported fully (as in like, your body and possessions crossing over to another shard) is a no go, but is the "Ascian" method possibly viable? As in where a character would fill a vessel with their soul/mind/aether/what-have-you and sort of body hop into a different shard that way? I don't think this character would have the cosmic smarts to know how to do that by herself, but I think she would have motive to try and leave the shard pre-WoD showing up to fix things and if someone made her privy to the fact there's other worlds she'd be down for any experiments that have a chance of getting her out of The First.
  3. Thank you! I do suppose that's true, a 'Cuda probably would need at least someone in their ranks with the know-how to read or write, as I'd imagine missives were probably sent to whatever was their Command before the reinstatement of the Maelstrom as well as to other Levies. On another note, I hope we meet too! I'd be glad to send you a whisper sometime in-game, see if you're free and up for RP. Probably won't be anytime soon though, still need to get Bhaldwyb to 50 and get the gear I want for her. And that doesn't have to be headcanon! It is adorable, and I'm tempted to steal it.
  4. Thank you for your kind words and your input! And for pointing out Eorzea's low literacy rates, too. It wasn't something I was aware of, and after finding the Fernehalwes post it came from, that might indeed be a problematic detail. I wouldn't imagine "considerable" being a word I'd apply to what Bloegeim would be making even before you informed me of this, just enough to get by and survive with minimal aid from others, but that still might be stretching reason and need reconsideration. That said, I might have to nix the "mutual love of written word" bit about her parents all together, though. While I think I can probably justify Bloegeim being literate by saying she was of a higher upbringing and sort of chose her lot in life, becoming a 'Cuda more out of a sense of lawful duty than a promise of good income, Fraeceig is a different case entirely. In any case, revisions will be made. Thank you again for your time and advice!
  5. Hello, all! As you've probably surmised from the thread title, I'm looking for some input on my character's backstory. While my primary concern is making sure I didn't botch anything up involving lore, I'm looking for any feedback folks are willing to give. Is something improbable due to conflicting lore? Is something to over-the-top or sappy? Let me know! Given this is being posted on an iPhone, I'm going to provide a link to a Google doc instead of putting the contents in a spoiler field. On a final note, apologies in advance for tense being inconsistent in the draft. It wasn't written with the intent of others seeing it, so it some aspects are sort of sloppy. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hQPneZun1nePyXnVZcVQMoIiOfuDUsrrE4CXWqZAJX8/edit?usp=docslist_api
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