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  1. By hearing i mean i read in a few posts which were made before april so i know it wasn't a prank lol But i did find there was a linkshell and fc on leviathan that is posted on this website so i know that it is working its way up since balmung and gilgamesh are literally always full and under restriction every time i check. There might be times it becomes available but something tells me they are very short time since everyone seems to want to get into them. But yeah do let me know even if its just people who are on leviathan and just want some rp for fun, the practice would be nice a
  2. Hello!!! I have been trying to join some rp servers for awhile but they are usually full but then i found out about Leviathan being an up-and-coming rp server so I decided to join there. I haven't role played in such a long time due to personal reasons so I will be a bit rusty, but I am sure it wont take me long to get back into the groove of things! I would like to know about everyone who resides in Leviathan so that maybe we can meet up and do some mini rps. I would also like to know bout some FC and LS that are rp based. If you could help me out then that would be awesome!~
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