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  4. Hello all! Well I will start by saying I have been playing ARR for quite a while on another server with my Lala but I took a brief hiatus and am now back in full force. I have started fresh on Balmung, (which was NOT an easy thing to do mind you, had to stay up until 6am this week to land a time to get it), because I had heard great things about its RP community. I have been RPing for so long now I have lost count of the years to be honest. I started off in forum RP and then progressed to MMO’s and have enjoyed experiencing both. To answer a few questions: --What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light,medium, or heavy? I would say I am medium to heavy. I like to be involved and experience all sorts of RP situations but there are some days where I like to take a backseat and just observe and gather information. Which kind of goes with the next question Character ideas/info Cool, calm and calculating would be three words that come to mind when describing Khuja’a Awandah. He has a way of carrying himself with such poise and fluidity that even the most simplistic of gesture and actions seem artful in their execution. He would be classified as a scholarly individual, a strategist if you will, and is quite keen in the art of diplomatic affairs. It is quite unclear as to how people will initially view Khuja’a for to some he seems to be the epitome of sophistication in his demeanor. He is kind and respectful and always willing to go above and beyond for those he would call friend. However, to others, he comes across as manipulative, sly and cunning. His actions and conduct nothing more than a facade to gain information that he would later utilize against you if the situation warranted such or proved to be in his best interest. Yes, Khuja’a is truly an enigma but one thing is crystal clear. It is surely in ones best interest to be amongst those he considers his allies because while Khuja’a is not prone to acts of violence or weaponry, his wit and his tongue can be just as dangerous and cut just as deep as any blade and if he is forced to use either against you it will always be with a smile. Khuja’a has been quoted saying to one individual: “Please, do not mistake my kindness as a form of weakness for doing so would truly prove detrimental to the longevity of your health. In the meantime, however, do enjoy the rest of your day and hope that this is not a conversation we need have again.” --Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?(Work, school, hobbies, etc) I am a Music Composition and Vocal Performance major so I tend to write music quite often. I also enjoy writing themes for characters so I tend to do that when I have free time.
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