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    The Cat's Meow

    Oh, I already have a FC. My WoW guild all came over and took the plunge together :3 But I'm always happy to do walkups, pickups and meet new people.
  2. F'iara

    The Cat's Meow

    Yay ^^ Another Draenei <3 Tail bump!
  3. F'iara

    The Cat's Meow

    No, sorry. I actually just used this name because it is a jumbled up version of my character from WoW. I couldn't exactly use her name and be lore appropriate... My friend was making a Miqo'te from Clan F. So I jumbled my Draenei's name and put an F at the start. Hence F'iara Aselk ^^ I was Selkiara on Moon Guard, though, in case anybody might know me from there.
  4. Hey there, everybody, nice to meet you! My name is F'iara Aselk, (In game at least) a Miqo'te player from Balmung. I'm looking forward to making some memorable RP and stories with all of you. I'm fairly new to this game, but not really new to RP. I have been an avid RPer for about as long as I can remember and I'm always looking for new friends. So if you have anyquestions about my characters (or myself) feel free to ask! ^^ :chocobo::chocobo::chocobo: :cactuar:
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